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Factors to Consider when Scheduling your SAT and ACT

sat and actThe SAT and ACT exams can be the deciding factor that gets a prospective student in their dream school. There has never been a more competitive climate in regards to college admission. A high score on either of these exams has heavy weight in the eyes of a college admissions office, so you want to make sure you schedule your tests to give yourself the best chance of success.

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Our Guide : How to Apply for College

How to Apply for CollegeIf you’re wondering how to apply for college, the first step is making your list. The number of colleges a prospective college student should apply to is one of the first questions that comes up during the application process. The short answer is there is no set number. The general rule of thumb is 5-8 schools, but that is quite a broad generalization. For example, applying to all of the Ivy League schools meets that quota, but it probably doesn’t do much for you in terms of getting into college.

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College Dorm Packing List

Dorm Packing List

Moving out of your parents’ home and into a new city, state and living situation entirely to face a new lifestyle as a full-time college student is daunting. On top of that, facing the prospect of living with people you don’t really know yet is equally intimidating. As long as you figure out how to communicate, mingle, cohabitate, respect and get along with your roommate(s), you should be in the clear. Remember, it takes time to get to know one another, and there’s a learning curve with regards to figuring out how to live on your own just like there is with anything else. Adapting to your new environment might be just as daunting for the people you are living with, too. Since you’re all starting out on your own, be supportive of one another and figure things out one step at a time together. Living with college roommates can be a terrific bonding experience. Below are some key items that you need on your dorm packing list in order to have a successful transition into the college experience.

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