2023 Best Online Bachelors of Healthcare Management Degree Programs

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What Are The Best Online Bachelors In Healthcare Management Degrees?

In this article, we take a look at the best online bachelors degree programs in Healthcare Management. The most critical aspect at which we looked was the number of healthcare management degrees that the school offered. Two of the universities here offer three variations on the healthcare management degree. Those two schools ranked in the first and second slots because they offer students more options for specialization within the degree.

The second criteria for ranking these schools was cost. Some of these universities offer low-cost tuition and that we felt was a positive.

A third factor that we considered was the type of accreditation that the university holds. Most of the colleges here hold regional accreditation that is a stronger accreditation as it gives students more resource if they should need to move, or transfer to another school. Credits from regional schools tend to transfer more easily than units from nationally accredited school. This is because regional schools have very similar requirements for classroom education. So if your school is regionally accredited, and it is in the same region as Yale, Harvard, or Stanford, then the education you receive will be on par with those top schools.

National accreditation does not translate specifically into lower grade education; it just means that it becomes harder to transfer units from a nationally accredited university to a regionally accredited university. However, most nationally accredited schools happily accept units from a regionally accredited school. Without further ado, here is your Healthcare Management programs in ranking order.

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10. Miller-Motte College Online


Miller-Motte College Online offers a single Bachelor’s of Science in Healthcare Management. The annual tuition here is low and ranges from $ 8,560-$11,760 per year. Their program is the Allied Health Management -B.S. This college is accredited via the ACICS – Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, which offers national accreditation rather than regional accreditation. The downside to Miller-Motte College Online is that it is a college that restricts access to students from many states.

9. Liberty University


Liberty University offers a single Bachelor of Science program. There Business Admin – Healthcare Management program. The annual tuition here is high at $20,768 per year. The school is accredited via the Souther Association of Colleges and Schools and offers regional accreditation. This means that regionally accredited school units transfer more easily to national and other regionally accredited schools. Liberty University is a non-profit college with a positive military-friendly campus.

8. Grantham University


Grantham University offers a single Healthcare Management Bachelor’s of Science degree — Aptly named A Bachelor of Science in Health Systems Management. Grantham University offers an annual tuition of just $6,530 per year. The University has accreditation via the Distance Education Accrediting Commission and is, therefore, a nationally accredited university. The positives for this university include the super low tuition and its military friendly campus. This is the only university on this list that holds accreditation by a distance learning organization. Grantham University is well known within the active military population, and their students include deployed personnel who want a higher degree.

7. Southern New Hampshire University Online

Southern New Hampshire University Online offers a single Bachelor’s of Science degree in Healthcare Management — The Bachelor of Science Health Information Management degree. The annual cost of tuition at Southern New Hampshire University Online is $18,810 per year. This is a high-cost university in comparison to other healthcare management programs. The University holds accreditation via the New England Association of Schools and Colleges making this a regionally accredited university. Southern New Hampshire University Online is a nonprofit school and offers a military friendly campus.

6. Grand Canyon University


Grand Canyon University offers a single Bachelors of Science healthcare management program — A Bachelors of Science in Healthcare Management. The annual tuition for Grand Canyon University is $17,000 per year. This is a university with a higher cost for its degree than many other universities on this list, but it is not the school with the most expensive degree program. The school is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools making Grand Canyon University a regionally accredited university. Other pluses include a military friendly campus.

5. Capella University


Capella University offers a single Bachelors of Science program — the Health Care Management. The annual tuition here is $12,348. The school’s accreditation is through the Higher Learning Commission, but their Bachelors of Science Health Care Management is accredited through the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET. This is a regional accreditation, and that often means that credits earned here can transfer to national and regional accreditation schools. A plus of Capella University is its low tuition rate and its military friendly status.

4. Florida Tech University Online

Florida Tech University Online offers a single Bachelor of Arts degree for Healthcare Management — BA Business Administration – Healthcare Management. The annual tuition cost is $11,800. The school’s accreditation is via the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and holds a regional accreditation. Most regional accreditation university units transfer to national accredited or regionally accredited universities. The positives for this program are the low cost of tuition and the military friendly campus which also translates into a higher acceptance rate of students from all locations.

3. Saint Leo University Online

Saint Leo University

Saint Leo University offers a single Bachelor’s of Science degree in Healthcare Management — BS in Healthcare Management. This program ranks higher because the degree is specifically a Healthcare Management degree whereas other universities or colleges on this list offer degrees that are a focus degree with an emphasis in healthcare management. For example, one school offers a BS in Business Administration with an emphasis on healthcare management. The annual tuition for Saint Leo University Online is $19,920 making this one of the most expensive programs. Pluses include the fact that this is a nonprofit university, and it is also military friendly. This is a regionally accredited school via the Southern Association of Colleges and School.

2. The University of the Potomac Online

Out of 41 online programs, University of the Potomac offers three Bachelor in Healthcare Management. Those include; — a BA in Business – Healthcare Management, a BS Government Contract Management – Healthcare Management, and an International Business B.S. -Healthcare Management. The annual tuition for $13,434 per year, making this university a mid-ranged priced school. The University’s accreditation is via the Middle States Commission, which carries recognition by the U. S. Secretary of Education. While recognized within the business world they do not accept students from every state in the union.

1. The Colorado Technical University Online


Colorado Technical University Online offers three Healthcare Management Bachelor of Science degrees. Those include; A Bachelors of Science in Business Administration -Healthcare Management, a Bachelors of Science in Healthcare Management, and a Bachelor’s of Science – Healthcare Management – Health Informatics. This university ranks high for two reasons. First, they have a pure healthcare management program, and secondly, because they offer three options for this degree. A third positive is their low-cost annual tuition that is just $10,531 per year. This is a campus that is military friendly, and that is also a sign that there are fewer barriers admissions based on location.

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