University of West Alabama Acceptance Rate

You may know that the University of West Alabama is one of the largest colleges in the state of Alabama. What you might not know is that UWA has a fairly high acceptance rate, especially when compared to other top universities in the country. Here are some facts about UWA and its acceptance rate:

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About the University of West Alabama

The University of West Alabama is located in Livingston, Alabama, a public institution that exclusively offers a few degrees. The student population at UWA is more than 5,000 students.

What Is The University of West Alabama Acceptance Rate?

Before applying to this university, you’ll almost certainly have to take the SAT or ACT. A low score of 860 (25th percentile) – 1020 (75th percentile) on the SAT and a range of 18 (25th percentile) – 22 (75th percentile) for the ACT exam are typical among applicants who are accepted at University.

We were able to determine the overall average GPA (2.89 – 3.14) of accepted students by extrapolating data from over 150 institutions that offered sampled grades. UWA accepts around 30 percent of those who apply each year. Over 12% enrolled when you take into account all applicants who are accepted and choose to enroll at UWA.

Overall Acceptance Rate at University of West Alabama

The acceptance rate for the University of West Alabama was 34.9% in Fall 2020, with over 7,570 college applications submitted to this institution. These statistics include both in-state and out-of-state applicants. University of West Alabama has a 62 percent lower acceptance rate than the national average, which is around 56.7% (and stands at only 13%).

University of West Alabama Enrollment Requirements

  • Your high school’s GPA is a requirement.
  • It is necessary to have your school transcripts
  • Standardized Test Scores are Recommended
  • TOEFL Exam is required for foreign students

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