What Are The Most Popular College Majors?

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When figuring out what you want to do with the rest of your life, choosing a college major can be the difficult part as you will have to devote a significant amount of time in training for a special field, and in the end, you will either enjoy it or not, and you will be able to find a job or not.

The economy is rapidly changing, and so while picking the current most popular majors might not be the smartest choice, it also lends itself to the assumption that if they are popular, it is in part because there is a demand.

There are a few standards that rarely change though, as business administration, health sciences, education, and computers are almost always components in such lists.

Business Administration and Management

The cornerstone of American commerce, the graduates of Business Administration and Management go on to create and lead companies. Business Administration graduates are highly sought after, and after gaining some experience, many are promoted into the executive stream of companies.

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With the increasing stresses on families, students and professionals in any business, Psychology majors have an opportunity to be their to help society continue forward and find ways to cope with the myriad of issues that we each deal with.

What makes people tick? What environmental or situational influences change our reactions and perceptions of the world around us? If understanding the human mind, both from the biological and sociological stand point interests you, then this could be the degree you’ll want to choose.

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We don’t have enough Doctors, nurses or other medical staff, and so the responsibilities and pressure to train nurses has been going up year after year. This is one of the most in demand careers currently with nearly every area needing more staff.

If you enjoy the world of medicine, and want to help people, now is the time to focus in on a Nursing degree.

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Biology/Biological Sciences

Understanding advanced biological sciences related to cloning, cellular systems, and the ecology of the world can all be learned from choosing a Biological Sciences major. You should be a person interested in delving deep into what makes plants, animals, and the environment work.

For many, this is a stepping stone to becoming a medical student focusing in on genetics, biotechnology or ecology.

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There are always another generation of children, teenagers and adults looking to learn something new, and education majors are the ones leading them in the right directions. If you want to inspire people, and pass on knowledge, then majoring in education should be considered.

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English Language and Literature

Do you love to read, write and dissect news reports in the newspaper? English Literature majors provide most of the written material that we absorb each and every day, and while the Internet is giving everyone a voice, the most professional ones can stand above the rest.

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Understanding why the various markets rise or fall in these trying times can feel like everyone is just rolling the dice, but Economics majors have a clue about what is happening. If you are a critical thinker that is great at math, and seeing the big picture, this could be the major for you.

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Do you love to tell stories? Does people find you interesting to listen to or inspiring? You might have a talent that a Communications major will allow you to take advantage of. Being able to connect with people in ways that can effect their reactions, and decisions is something that all businesses are looking for.

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Political Science

Governments, foreign affairs, and legal concerns are just some of the focuses a Political Science major will have on his or her plate. If you are a critical thinker, able to contemplate issues without adding emotion into the equation, you might be able to become a talented politician. There will be a course load heavy in math, writing and reading, but if that doesn’t scare you away, you might have found the right choice for your future.

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Computer Science

Computer hardware and software is getting more complex, and the potential career opportunities are growing wider and wider, as Computer Science majors work on everything from robotics to developing applications for cell phones.

If you are able to problem solve on multiple different levels, you could have a rewarding career after graduating.

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The market will decide which degree ends up being the best one for finding a job, but I still stick to the notion that your choice should be based on what you think you’ll enjoy and be successful in, as the market is always changing. While certain jobs might not be in a strong hiring phase right now; they might turn around and be in high demand in a few years when you graduate.